Being transgender is incredibly hard. It’s a journey filled with complexities, societal pressures, and fear of judgement. But it’s also a journey filled with liberation and authenticity. As someone who identifies as a transwoman, my journey has been one filled with highs and lows, but I live for the highs. And one of the biggest highs of the year for me is Pride in London. As I prepare to go out into the streets in 2023, I wanted to share my experience and advice for transwomen who are preparing for Pride.

1. Surround Yourself with Love and Support

The road to Pride is much easier when you surround yourself with love and support. Seek out LGBTQ+ support groups, online communities, and friends who understand what you’re going through. Lean on them in times of need and uplift them in times of celebration. Pride is a time to celebrate yourself, but it’s also a time to celebrate the community that surrounds you.

2. Embrace Your Authentic Self

One of the most important things you can do as a transwoman is to embrace your authentic self. This means not being afraid to be who you are in public. Wear what makes you happy, express yourself through your makeup and hair, and don’t be afraid to walk with confidence. To fully embrace your authentic self, you must embrace all aspects of who you are, including your femininity.

3. Safety Always Comes First

While it’s important to embrace your authentic self, it is equally important to prioritize safety. Plan your route ahead of time, never go alone, and stay in a group. Always have a way to contact someone in case of emergency. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

4. Be Prepared for Judgement

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is accepting of LGBTQ+ people, and this can manifest itself in negative interactions. While it’s important to remain optimistic, it’s also important to be prepared for judgement. Understand that some people may say or do hurtful things, and it’s okay to remove yourself from those situations. Remember that their opinions do not define you, and most importantly, your worth does not depend on their acceptance.

5. Celebrate Yourself and Others

Finally, as you walk the streets with pride, remember to celebrate not only yourself but those around you. Pride is all about acceptance, inclusivity, and spreading love. Smile at strangers, compliment their outfits, and show kindness to those around you. Make new friends, take photos, and enjoy the moment. This day is about you and celebrating your courage to be your authentic self.

Pride means something different to everyone, but for many transwomen, it’s a time to embrace their authentic selves and be seen by the world. It’s a time to celebrate the community that surrounds them and to spread love and kindness wherever they go. Preparation is key, but remember that the journey is just as important as the destination. So, as you get ready for Pride in London, remember to surround yourself with love and support, embrace your authentic self, prioritize safety, be prepared for judgement, and celebrate yourself and others. Above all, be bold, be proud, and be you.