The Clean Girl Aesthetic has taken the beauty world by storm, captivating millions with its fresh, effortless, and natural appeal. With over 750 million views on TikTok under the #cleangirlaesthetic hashtag, it has become the most popular trend on the platform. However, it is important to address some potential concerns that come with its increasing popularity.


What is the Clean Girl Aesthetic? It centres around beauty and not fashion, focusing on elements such as glossy lips, sleek hairstyles, and a minimalistic yet refined makeup style. The goal is to achieve a naturally fresh look through an effortless and straightforward approach, inviting everyone to partake in the pursuit of effortless beauty.


While the Clean Girl Aesthetic may seem harmless at first glance, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential issues that arise from its rise to popularity. One significant concern is the lack of diversity within this aesthetic. To foster inclusivity within the clean girl aesthetic, it is essential to celebrate diversity and showcase representations of beauty from various racial backgrounds and gender identities. By featuring clean girls of different ethnicities and genders, we can break away from the notion that beauty is confined to a single standard. By featuring clean individuals of different ethnicities and diverse gender identities, we can challenge the notion that beauty is limited to a singular standard. Embracing the richness of cultures and celebrating unique qualities empowers every person, including transgender individuals, to express their beauty authentically.


Another issue is the perpetuation of harmful beauty standards, including the idea that only thin bodies are associated with cleanliness and desirability. Inclusive marketing campaigns should feature models of different body types, emphasizing body positivity and self-acceptance. By celebrating diverse shapes, sizes, and ages, we can promote a more inclusive vision of beauty that empowers all.


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The conversation today aims to shed light on the potential concerns surrounding the Clean Girl Aesthetic while offering solutions and recommendations for a more inclusive and responsible approach. Let's celebrate diversity, embrace body positivity, and make conscious choices that align with our values. This representation not only fosters acceptance and understanding but also inspires others to embrace their true selves. Together, we can create a beautiful landscape that uplifts and empowers all individuals.