Individual cluster lashes are a popular lash extension technique that involve applying small groups of 3-6 synthetic lashes to a single natural lash. Unlike strip lashes or full sets, cluster lashes create a natural, subtle enhancement to your natural lashes. They add length, thickness and fullness while still looking fluttery and light.

Individual Cluster lashes are applied one Clsuter at a time using a precise hand and semi-permanent lash Bond and Seal adhesive. Unlike strip lashes which are applied all at once, individual clusters allow for a customizable look. 

Overall, cluster lashes bridge the gap between natural lashes and a full glam set. They offer lightweight definition for day-to-day wear or events where you want enhanced but still natural-looking lashes.

 Materials Needed

 To apply individual cluster lashes, you will need the following supplies:

 Lash Applicator (also knowns as Tweezers) - You will need a good pair of slant tip tweezers to pick up and place the individual clusters. Look for tweezers with a slanted tip, which allows for more precision when grasping the tiny clusters. 

Lash Bond & Seal (This is a combination glue/adhesive) - Use an eyelash Bond and Seal specifically formulated for individual lashes. The Bond is aplied first to the individual cluster. Then once the full set are applied the Seal is applied to lock in the lashes for a longer period of wear. 

Individual cluster lashes - You will need a selection of cluster lashes in various lengths and curls to customize the look. Choose reusable, high quality silk or mink clusters. Have short, medium and long lengths available.

Make sure you have these basic supplies before beginning the lash application process. Quality tools and materials are essential for achieving a beautiful, natural lash look.

Prepping the Lashes

Before applying individual cluster lashes, it's important to properly prep the natural lashes. This ensures the clusters adhere well and enhances the final look.

First, use an eyelash curler to gently curl the natural lashes upward. Opening up the lash line allows more space for the cluster lashes to be placed. Be careful not to pinch or tug too hard, as this can damage natural lashes.

Next, apply the lash Bond. This can be done direct to the Cluster or some people also like to apply it to the top of their lash line or under their lash line. It can be done in all ways. It's down to your preference at the end of the day.

Applying the Glue

When applying the glue to the individual clusters, you'll want to use a high quality, semi-permanent lash adhesive. These adhesives are designed to hold the lashes in place securely while still allowing for safe, easy removal.

Only a small amount of glue is needed for each cluster. Use the tip of the glue wand to pick up a tiny drop of adhesive. You only need enough to coat the base of the cluster, where it will adhere to the natural lash. Take care not to overload the lashes with glue, as too much can make application messy and uncomfortable for your client. The amount needed will vary based on the size of the cluster, but a general rule of thumb is to use about 1/4 the amount of glue you would use for a strip lash.

Gently dab the drop of glue onto the base of the cluster, making sure the entire base is evenly coated. Be careful not to get glue on the rest of the lash strands, as this will make them stick together. The glue should be tacky but not fully dried when you go to apply the clusters. Follow the recommendations on your specific lash glue for dry times.

Picking Up the Clusters

To pick up the individual clusters, you'll want to use tweezers. Make sure to use a high-quality pair of slanted tweezers specifically designed for eyelash application. The slant in the tweezers will allow you to gently grasp the cluster without damaging the lashes.

When picking up a cluster, you'll want to aim for the base of the fan. Gently pinch the tweezers around the knot or slim band holding the lashes together. Avoid pinching down on the lashes themselves, as this can cause them to splay out or even pull out of the cluster. Take care not to compress the fan tightly, as you don't want to bend the lashes. Lightly hold the base only.

Once you have gently grasped the base of the fan with the tweezers, you can lift the cluster and begin the application process. Be very delicate when handling the clusters, as the lashes are fragile. Work over a clean surface so that if you drop a cluster, you can easily retrieve it. Avoid crushing or bending the fans as you transfer them with the tweezers. With practice, you'll get the hang of smoothly picking up each cluster by the base before seamless application.

 Placing the Clusters

When placing individual cluster lashes, you want to strategically place them along the natural lash line for the most seamless and natural look. Here are some tips on cluster placement:

- Focus on the outer corners first - The outer corners of the eyes tend to be more sparse and have fewer natural lashes. Place clusters here first to add fullness and lift to the outer corners.

- Distribute clusters evenly - Don't overload one section with clusters. Distribute them evenly along the lash line, placing some clusters in between and around the natural lashes to fill in gaps.

- Avoid placing clusters too close together - You want some space between each cluster so they don't clump together. As a general rule, leave about 1-2mm space between each cluster.

- Stagger clusters - Don't line them up perfectly side by side. Slightly stagger clusters for a more natural look.

- Keep clusters away from the waterline - Don't place clusters too close to the waterline as they may irritate eyes. Leave a small gap between the clusters and waterline. 

- No clusters on the lower lash line - Only apply clusters to the upper lash line. Lower lash clusters tend to fall off quickly.

Taking your time with strategic cluster placement will help achieve an even, full lash line with a very natural look. Focus on filling gaps but don't overload any one area. Staggering and evenly distributing clusters is key.

Evening out the Look 

It's important to make sure both eyes have an even distribution of lashes when applying individual clusters. Here are some tips for evening out the look:

- Step back periodically as you work to compare both eyes. This gives you a literal bird's eye view to spot any sparse areas.

- Focus on the outer and inner corners of the eyes, as these areas can easily get less full coverage. Make sure to place clusters towards the inner and outer corners.

- Look at the eyes straight on in the mirror to check for evenness. The light should reflect off the lashes evenly on both sides.

- If one eye is looking heavier, go back and add more clusters to the sparser sections of the other eye.

- Work methodically and keep count of how many clusters you've applied to each eye to ensure it's equal.

- Apply clusters in a balanced order on both eyes. Don't finish one eye first. Go back and forth between eyes as you work.

- When in doubt, add more. It's easy to go back and tweeze out a few clusters if needed, versus realizing at the end one eye needs more.

- Take photos of the finished look with your phone. Use the reverse camera to see how even the eyes look head-on. Make any final adjustments.

The key is taking the time to step back and compare several times throughout the process. Ensuring an even, balanced lash distribution between both eyes gives the most natural and beautiful effect with individual cluster lashes.

Drying Time

After placing the individual cluster lashes, then apply a line of Seal over the top of the lash line to Seal in the lash for a longer wearing period. It is crucial to allow enough time for the Bond and Seal to fully set and dry before opening your eyes. Rushing this step can cause the lashes to stick together or become crooked.

Generally, you will want to wait at least 30-90 seconds before opening your eyes after the application is complete. Some glues may require more or less time to cure based on the ingredients and formulation. Read the product instructions carefully.

During the drying time, try to keep your eyes closed and resist the urge to peek. You can use this time to clean up any excess glue from around the lash line using a clean spoolie brush.

Once the Seal has had sufficient time to set, you can slowly open your eyes to reveal your new fluttery lashes. The dramatic yet natural look of individual cluster lashes is worth the patience required during the drying period. Rushing this step can ruin the results.

So remember - patience is key! Keep those eyes closed for a full 60-90 seconds after applying individual cluster lashes. This allows the glue to fully cure so your lashes stay in place. Slowly open your eyes only after the glue has dried to avoid any issues. With the right drying time, you'll love your lush lashes.


Individual cluster lashes typically last from 2-3 days to 2 weeks. This is very dependant on how you wash your face and eyes. If the lashes are vigourosly washed they will weaken and fall out much sooner than if washed gently. Also as your natural lashes grow out, the bond between the cluster and natural lash will weaken and some clusters will fall naturally. These can easily be re-applied.

To help your cluster lashes last longer: 

- Avoid oil-based makeup removers and creams, as oil will break down the lash glue. Use an oil-free makeup remover.

- Be gentle when washing your face and avoid rubbing your eyes.

- Use a lash comb or brush daily to gently detangle and arrange lashes. Don't pull on the extensions.

- Avoid steam from showers, swimming, and hot tubs which can loosen the bonds.

- Don't use eyelash curlers or perm the lashes as this can damage the extensions.

Proper care will keep your individual clusters looking beautiful! 


 Properly removing individual cluster lashes is important to avoid damage to your natural lashes. Here are some tips:

- Use a remover specifically formulated for removing false lashes. Avoid using makeup remover or other solvents which can be harsh. A good lash remover will gently break down the lash glue without pulling. A good tip is to purchase the remover from the same brand as the Bond & Seal as this means the remover has been made specifically to remove the glue you will have used to apply the lashes.

 - Soak a cotton pad or round with remover and hold it against your closed eye for 10-30 seconds to soften the glue. Take care not to tug.

 - Gently pinch the base of the cluster and slide it off. Don't pull straight out.

 - Hold the soaked cotton against your lashline again if needed to loosen any remaining glue residue.

 - Never forcefully yank off the lashes. This can pull out your natural lashes.

 - Once the clusters are removed, cleanse your eyes and lashline to remove all traces of glue.

 - Apply a nourishing oil like olive or castor oil along the lashline before bed to condition lashes.

 With proper removal using an effective oil-based lash remover, individual cluster lashes can be taken off gently without damage. Avoid harsh pulling or rubbing to prevent lash loss.

Hopefully those tips are helpful to you on your Individual Cluster Lash journey. Enjoy those lashes!