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Eye shape guide


Also known as bulging eyes, have a unique and distinctive appearance where the eyeballs appear to be more prominent and project slightly forward from the eye sockets. This eye shape gives the eyes a captivating and expressive look, making them stand out beautifully.


Have a captivating look with the eyes set deeper into the sockets, creating a beautiful shadow around them.

This eye shape often has a prominent brow bone, adding to its alluring and mysterious charm.


Refer to a specific eye shape that is considered one of the most coveted and versatile shapes. People with almond eyes are said to have eyes that resemble the shape of an almond nut.


Also known as single eyelids, are characterised by a smooth, flat eyelid without a prominent crease. Unlike other eye shapes, the eyelid and brow bone appear to be more connected, creating a seamless look.


Have a unique shape where the upper eyelid appears to be partially covered by a fold of skin, creating a "hooded" appearance. This eye shape often gives the illusion of smaller eyes when the eyes are open, but the eyelids may have hidden lid space when closed.


This eye shape gives the eyes a naturally open and wide-eyed look, often associated with innocence and warmth. The outer corners of the eyes may appear slightly upturned, enhancing their overall roundness.